Adult chat forum hosting

Posted by / 18-Sep-2017 07:24

Pro Boards allows users to apply affiliate marketing practices to monetize their communities via a partnership with Vig Link announced January 2014.

This partnership allows any Pro Boards forum managers or creators to generate revenue from traffic with Vig Link Insert.

Previous to November 2010, Pro Boards was hosted by The, and previous to 2006, EV1 Servers.

In late 2001, though, Pro Boards switched to the Ya BB system.

Forums are hosted for free, with no bandwidth or webspace cap, provided users allow advertisements to be displayed on their forum.

Until September 2003, Pro Boards was supported by popunders, but these were discontinued in favor of less intrusive methods of advertising.

Users aged under 13 are not permitted to register at any Pro Boards forum.

According to the Terms of Service, any user under the age of 18 also requires parental permission to register, but this is taken as implied when they accept the registration agreement and not verified.

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Currently a typical forum will contain a Google Ad Sense banner ad and some small text links on every page.